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Sparta Tennis is a premier tennis program operating out multiple Auckland venues with Campbell Park Tennis Club as our home base. We offer a full range of coaching options for both juniors and seniors though our Club Coaching and Competitive Coaching programs. We are coming up on a 'decade of dominance' with 21 singles national titles, 36 New Zealand Team selections, nearly 100 Auckland Team selections and too many to count regional titles - all in the past 7 years. 

We believe the quality of our coaching staff and family environment is what sets us apart from other programs. Our environment is all encompassing and gives us a real presence and support for all players at tournaments, in their work off the court, in the mental and physical development all built on precise technique and above all - movement. The environment extends beyond the court to have a family feel. We encourage parents, siblings and supporters to be a part of what we are building. We want a place that the players feel comfortable and welcome. A place where they can develop their skills and push each other, make each other better through lifting their own standards, to use the power of a team to produce elite individuals - but also a place that makes a very lonely sport, not so lonely anymore.

The Competitive program currently has around 70 players ranging from 5 year olds identified as talented athletes starting off with 45 minute lessons in the style we train our academy players, right through to our daily athletes training 3-4 hours per day. Our tier 1 athletes are of the level that can win national titles every year. 

The academy program takes in players from all over NZ but the bulk of our players are 'homegrown' - meaning they come up through the our development programs. This fosters a special type of loyalty and support from players to coaches and vice versa.