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There are two sides to Sparta Tennis, Club Coaching and Competitive Coaching. Club days are fixed and include free coaching sessions with membership. For more information about joining the club and taking advantage of this please contact: cptc@xtra.co.nz for Campbell Park or mtalberttennis@gmail.com for Mt. Albert Tennis Club . 

We build our program around the players and as such do not have fixed times or days but training primarily breaks into 2 categories:

  1. Daily Program. This is the premier program which is all inclusive, daily, weekly, term and yearly plan adapted for the individual player. The daily players have a lead coach with input from the full staff. Their program is broken into 1-1 and 1-2 hands on technical work, 1-4 groups focusing on tactical awareness. Larger groups and matchplay days to get the reps in and daily strength and conditioning training with our specialist. The content changes accordingly depending on their needs throughout the year. Tournament schedules and requirements are included in the Daily Program player fee’s.

  2. Set schedule. This is where we have fixed time and content for players. This suits players who do not want to do the daily squad or are too young for this type of commitment. Set schedule will include components of 4:1 squads, 1-1 Individual attention, Larger super squads and Strength and Conditioning.

Prices are on application but as a guide:

  • Individual sessions $82.50 p.h
  • 4:1 1.5 hour sessions $337.50 per term
  • Strength and Conditioning $100 per term

Contact Details: info@spartatennisacademy.com Dwayne on 0274434282